That’s right, for the price of a few well-placed mouse clicks, you can have the brand new Say What You Will” EP in your ear holes almost immediately.

Just click on the album cover below to get your FREE DOWNLOAD!

The advance copies that leaked out last week are already being talked about on the interwebs all over the country, which is pretty sweet for an indie band from Austin, but we really made this music for y’all, so go tell us what you think on Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

Don’t be afraid to start a dance party at work over by the fax machine, and there’s nothing wrong with throwing it on your Winamp during you and your significant other’s intimate time. Go ahead and bump it in the car, or in the shower, or while showering in the car! Being chased by a pack of wolves across the tundra? Just throw on our record and you’ll be laughing about the whole situation over a rousing game of Jenga in no time!

We are VERY proud of these tracks which represent the best of the past two years of songwriting/wolf taming, and hope you enjoy and share them with everybody you think needs a solid facemelting.

Speaking of facemelting, we would like to go ahead and do some in person as well. That’s why we’ve immediately lined up two huge parties this weekend in Austin and Chicago!

On Friday, May 18th we will be performing in Chicago at Beauty Bar with the deliciously dripping electro/disco beats of our newest discovery – exbestfriends.! Oh and the show is ‘effing FREE before 11:30PM with RSVP!


On Saturday, May 19th we return to destroy The Mohawk in Austin with our fave DJs on earth – learning secrets! This is an outdoor show with a midnight sound curfew so get there early to catch everything.

  • In fact, be one of the first 100 through the door and receive a complimentary Tito’s Vodka drink.
  • In fact, be one of the first 50 through the door and get a FREE CD of Say What You Will!

love and bite marks,

Auto Body

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